If you have any mugshots we don't, please email them to mugshots@rotten.com.
Hugh Grant
Gets his blowjobs the old fashioned way.
Pee Wee Herman
World famous public masturbator.
Larry King
CNN host arrested for grand larceny!
Al Pacino
The actor as a young hoodlum.
Keanu Reeves
Arrested for DUI back in 1993.
Charles Manson
Everyone's favorite cult murderer.
John Gotti
New York's popular dapper don.
The Unabomber
Jail cell larger than his cabin.
Lee Harvey Oswald
The patsy who may have shot the president.
Jeffrey Dahmer
Cannibal who liked them young.
Oklahoma City Bomber
America's number one terrorist.
O.J. Simpson
The glove did not fit! Must acquit!
Charles Barkley
Broke a guy's nose in a barroom brawl.
Marv Albert
On trial for sodomy!
Bill Gates
This is your brain on $50 billion.
Jesus Christ
The Holy Lord had a troubled past.
Sesame Street icon does time.
Marilyn Manson
Arrested in Florida.
Lenny Bruce
Not a comedian, but a decrepit priest.
Manuel Noriega
CIA employee, and drug smuggler.

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